Come explore what's in store for you, your family and friends right here.

Soaring up to 120 metres above, the Skyride Balloon is Malaysia' first and largest tethered helium balloon as attested to by the Malaysia Book of Records. With a maximum load capicity of 30 persons (depending on wind conditions), the Skyrides Balloon offers an unimpeded 360 view of the Putrajaya skyline, the most scenic and amazing way to experience this city. It remains as the most iconic structure in the city and a definite must-ride.


A grand way to tour the city's scenic Lake Putrajaya is aboard SkyCruise. A 45-minute boat cruise will leave you spell-bound on the magical wonderland of this city's waterways. With a wide range of packages from sunset cruises to dining, it is truly memorable, especially diring the sunset hours. Catch a glimps of the city's magnificent 650-hectare man-made lake.


Our latest attraction, the SkyBuggy, provides an exhilarating and adventure-packed rendezvous for mini four-wheel off road vehicles. From jumping over speed bumps and jaw-breaking corners and curves that offer pure excitement, the SkyBuggy circuit is located smack from the SkyRide Centre.


Absolutely thrilling and guaranteed to be healthy. SkyBeca is an eye-catching family fun vehicle that promises a whole load of fun and laughter for the family.


Feeling famished after hours of fun at Skyrides? Then head on over to SkyTaste for a quick and tasty bite together with your favourite theme park beverages. The al-fresco garden with pitched unbrellas and picnic benches is a great way to chomp down and re-energize yourself before heading on to the next attraction here at the park.


A whole wonderworld of toys, games and playthings await the little ones. Housed in a cool and comfortable air-conditioned setting, the SkyKids Centre is a marvelous respite from the day's heat. It's easy to understand why children would want to spend hours here being, well... how kids are meant to live and enjoy life to its fullest.

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The SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge is the most demanding and intimidating sturctural competitive obstacle course in Malaysia. With 8 total obstacles and a time challenge for all participants, it is just about the most physically, mentally and heart-pumping action centre that has all its participants challenging their inner-most fears in a fun and safe way.

SkyKids Warrior

While parents are having the time of their lives attempting to defeat the monstrous obstacles of the SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge, the little ones are not left out either. The SkyKids Warrior, the first dedicated children's obstacle challenge course offers 15 obstacles purpose-built to strengthen children's muscles and motor coordination skills.


Enjoy fun & scintillating electric bike ride around the island & discover the breathtaking view of Putrajaya! The SkyBike electric-powered bike seats 1 Adult and 1 Child comfortably and can cruise along at a speed of around 30km/h.


Enjoy your time at the Skyrides Festivals Park? Why not take home a piece of the memory with you or for your loved ones with a host of souvenirs and great bargains at the SkyGallery, the park's official merchandising store. There's always something for everyone, from trinkets to bracelets and such.


Indulge yourself or your little ones in a bit of local Malaysian craft-making culture of batik painting. Take on and enjoy the experience of producing your very own masterpeice on Malaysia's most iconic fabric painting traditions. You'll truly be amazed at how really talented you are.


Skyrides Festivals Park is dedicated to promoting an ecologically-friendly world. In partnership with the UiTM University Shah Alam, the green grounds of the park is sporadically placedwith actual size art pieces made entirely from recycled throwaways. It features the likes of the Malayan Tapir and Tiger, a constant reminder to safeguard these animals which are now listed as endangered.

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